150W Semi-flexible Solar Panel (Wide)

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150W Flexible solar panel

An efficient, green and durable way to charge your batteries all day, especially when off-grid.

Product description

Complete with a 5-year warranty. We package the panel without plastic to post them safely to you.

Flexible solar panel

This panel is made from a thin flexible sheet, (only 3mm thick) so you can have a nice low profile panel that looks great on lower vehicles where the roof is closer to eye height. The panels are designed to be stuck down using a Sikaflex or similar adhesive (not supplied).

150W flexible solar panel. Dimensions 1045mm x 765mm x 4mm. Weight:4Kg.

Open circuit voltage 23.2V meaning this panel can now be used with the CTEK D250SE controller. (Made from durable ETFE material) 5-year limited warranty.

Kit contents

  • 1 x Solar panel, 150W Flexible solar panel

Packaging Info

Plastic-free packaging

Vendor: Rayne automotive
Type: Components, Solar Kits