200W Pure Sine Wave Inverter With Leads

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200W Pure sine wave inverter

  • Allows you to use your leisure battery power to run 240V items without a hook up
  • Pure sine wave power allows you to run highly sensitive electronics effortlessly
  • Supplied with a plugin RCD unit
  • High-quality and supplied with an 18-month warranty
  • This unit can unlock wild camping for even the most luxurious of campers
  • Simply turn the unit on and plug directly into RCD, giving great convenience and flexibility

Product description

Pure sine wave inverters produce a full electrical wave, unlike modified sine wave inverters which chop the bottom and top off the wave. This gives a pure sine wave inverter a smoother delivery of power and means you can run sensitive items.

Pure sine wave inverters are best for running the following items; HD TVs, games consoles, computers etc.

Inverter Specification

  • 200W Continuous 12V 240V 230V DC-AC Power Inverter UK Socket + USB 400W Peak
  • Complete with static install 60A rated leads to ensure safe, smooth running.
  • This high quality 200W continuous power inverter is made to our own specification on behalf of Rayne Automotive.
  • Great value for money with an ergonomically designed UK socket and a USB socket.
  • Soft Start; the cooling fan cuts in at 30% load so when you're running low power items the inverter is quiet & user friendly.

Inverter specification;

  • 400W Peak power for start-up
  • 200W Continuous power output
  • Includes USB socket for charging phones etc.
  • 12V input (not suitable for 24V input)
  • Pre wired with 90cm of 6mm cables
  • Suitable for all motorhomes and campervans
  • Built in fan that cuts in at 30% load
  • CE approved and RoHS compliant
  • Protection features
  • Low voltage cut out
  • High voltage cut out
  • Overload protection
  • Short circuit protection
  • Overheating protection
  • Heat-sync body to aid cooling

Kit contents

  • 1 x 200W Pure sine wave inverter
  • 1 x plugin RCD unit
  • 1 x pair 90cm fused battery leads
Vendor: Rayne Automotive
Type: Components