T5.1/T6 Victron Orion Smart 18A DC-DC Charger Split Charging System

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Leisure battery location: O/S wheel arch
12V Fuse box?: No thanks

Victron Orion Smart 18A isolated battery to battery charger kit

Add a leisure battery to your T6 fitted with a smart alternator

  • Intelligent 18A system compatible with Euro 6 engines.
  • Complete with clear, comprehensive fitting instructions.
  • Designed specifically to fit variable voltage alternators using Victron's Engine-on detection.
  • DC-DC Battery to battery charging system.

The "Under passengers seat" option is supplied with a 3.5M cable from the main battery to the Orion unit.

The "Under drivers seat" option is supplied with a 3.5M cable from the main battery to the Orion unit.

The Off-side rear wheel arch option is supplied with a 5.5M cable from the main battery to the Orion unit.

Product description

Newer vehicles are fitted with variable voltage charging systems to help reduce emissions, this means conventional VSR relays are no longer appropriate to use.

Don€™t worry though, we have it covered with the intelligent Victron Orion Smart charger. This unit is highly reliable and has built-in Bluetooth for monitoring and changing settings to suit your requirements.

For larger battery banks, multiple Orion smart DC-DC chargers can be connected in parallel to give a higher charge rate.

The charger has a remote port that can be used to connect to an ignition live or remote switch, although thanks to the engine-on detection, this isn't required in most installations.

This kit comes with the wiring system built to the current British Standards and manufacturers specifications using professional equipment and expertise. It is fused at either side using 60A fuses to protect your cabling and the charger. The wiring system is made from 16.0mm2 wire and is fully labelled ready to install.

Key features

  • Low plastic packaging (just a moisture bag for the Orion)
  • Simple installation
  • Compatible with lithium batteries.
  • Compatible with Euro 6 Engines.
  • Engine-on detect

Kit contents

As standard

  • Victron Orion 18A Smart DC-DC charger (ORI121222120
  • Wiring kit to suit desired leisure battery location
  • 2 x 60A MTA fuse and holder
  • Leisure battery earth/negative strap

With the fuse box option selected

  • All of the above components, plus
  • 12V 6-way fuse box or 12V 12-way fuse box
  • 50cm fuse box cables including double insulated cable from leisure battery positive to fuse box.
Vendor: Victron Energy
Type: Basic Wiring Kits, Victron Energy, Split Charge Kits
Leisure battery location: O/S wheel arch, Under driver's seat, Under passenger's seat
12V Fuse box?: No thanks, 6-way, 12-way