Victron Energy Battery Protect Low-Voltage Disconnect Kit 65A

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Victron battery protect kit with cable - 65A - BPR000065400

A great addition to any battery system, using this will automatically cut any loads which are draining power from your battery when the voltage reaches a pre-programmed point. (default is 11.8V, ideal for maximising battery life).

When your battery reaches this voltage, after 90 seconds the battery protect will disconnect the loads to make sure they don't cause damage to your battery by discharging the battery too deep. This should help you to maximise your battery life and reduce the frequency with which the battery will need to be replaced.

Supplied with a cable to take from your leisure battery positive to the battery protect, including a 60A fuse.

This can be added to a new system or retrofitted to an existing system to provide extra protection.

A switch can be wired to the remote port of the battery protect to act as a remote isolator.

Installation diagram provided.

Not suitable for direct use with inverters. You will need to connect a remote to the inverter and operate the remote from the battery protect.

The total Amperage of your loads should ideally be below 50A for this unit. (doesn't include chargers)

This will work on any 12V lead battery system, AGM and Gel.

Kit contents

1 x 65A battery protect

1 x 45cm 16mm2 cable with 60A fuse M8-M6 terminals

2 x terminal cap cover

Vendor: Victron Energy
Type: Components, Victron Energy
SKU: STK1370