450W (3 x 150W) Semi-flexible Solar Panel Kit For Off-Grid Power

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Charge controller option: Bluesolar
Cable gland colour: Black

3 x 150W (450W) Flexible solar panel and cabling kit

Solar panel kits are a great simple way to get some more power when you're not hooked up and not driving very much. Just by being in the sun, the panel and controller will be adding charge to your battery.

Product description

A complete kit with the solar panel, 30A Victron Energy MPPT soalr charge controller, cabling kit, mount kit and connectors for installing a solar panel to charge your leisure battery.

With this kit, we aim to supply all of the hardware you will need for the solar panel installation, what isn't supplied, that you will need, would be a sealant to stick down the cable entry gland (such as Sikaflex 252 or 522 with primer and activator).

An efficient, green and durable way to charge your batteries all day, especially when off-grid.

We are an authorised Victron dealer, we provide tech support and product information on these products directly, and as we design your system we can help you with any questions you may have.

Component descriptions

Complete with a 5-year warranty. We package the panel without plastic to post them safely to you.

Flexible solar panel

These panels are made from a thin flexible sheet, (only 3mm thick) so you can have a nice low profile panel that looks great on lower vehicles where the roof is closer to eye height. The panels are designed to be stuck down using a Sikaflex or similar adhesive (not supplied).

150W flexible solar panel. Dimensions 1045mm x 765mm x 4mm. Weight:4Kg. (Made from durable ETFE material) 5-year limited warranty.

Solar charge controllers

With these panels, there is a choice of 2 controller options depending on your budget and requirements.

Cable entry gland

Made from partially recycled ABS plastic and available in either white or black. The cable entry gland provides two waterproof cable glands and a box to sit over the hole you cut for your wires to come through the roof. This should be bonded down.

Additional resources

Here are a few links from our help centre, some of which have been linked above, which will help you with your journey to campervan electrics.

How to choose your solar charge controller

MPPT yield calculator (by Victron)

Kit contents

  • 3 x Solar panel, 150W Flexible solar panel
  • Solar cabling kit (4mm cables) 5M length (1M battery to controller via fuse, 4M controller to panel).
  • Cable entry gland in white or black.
  • 1 x pair of MC4 connectors.
  • 30A Victron Energy Solar charge controller.

Packaging Info

Plastic-free packaging*

2 box delivery

*Victron solar charge controllers have a small amount of plastic in the packaging.

System requirements

Minimum recommended leisure battery capacity; 270Ah*

*Charge current should be regulated using the settings inside the controller to match the battery size.

Vendor: Rayne automotive
Type: Basic Wiring Kits, Solar Kits
Charge controller option: Bluesolar, Smartsolar (bluetooth)
Cable gland colour: Black, White