Wiring Loom For CRX50 Fridge - Battery Connection

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Length: 1.5M

12V Fridge wiring loom for direct connection to the battery

Easily install your fridge for smooth efficient cooling, with this heavy-duty wiring loom

  • Pre-terminated at both ends
  • Inline fused to 15A
  • labelled for easy install
  • 6mm2 cables to minimise voltage drop (up to 4M in length)

Product description

Simple to use high-quality wiring loom for installing a Waeco CRX50 Fridge.

Supplied with M8 ring connectors at the battery end and 6.3mm female spade terminals at the fridge end.

Made from high-quality flexible cables.

Kit contents

  • 12V DC wiring loom
  • Built in inline fuse
Vendor: Rayne automotive
Type: Basic Wiring Kits
Length: 1.5M, 2.5M, 3.5M, 4.0M
SKU: 50L1.5