Positive & Negative Power Joining Box + Isolator Switch

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Positive 3-way power jointing box, 100A fuse, positive power isolating switch. Negative power joining box and cabling

Power joining boxes are like mini bus bars used to help connect more cables onto the battery in a neat tidy way.

We supply the 3 terminal positive and 2 terminal negative power joining boxes, each with enough space for 5/6 cables.

Supplied with a 100A fused 16mm2 cable from the battery to the positive power joining box, via a 100A isolator switch.

The negative box is supplied with a 16mm2 cable to join the battery.

All of the cables come with the eye terminals pre-crimped and connected ready for an easy installation.

Kit contents

1 x 3 way positive power joining box

1 x 2 way negative power joining box

1 x 100A isolator switch

1 x 100A fuse

1 x 45cm split fuse cable 16mm2

1 x 45cm negative cable 16mm2

1 x pair battery terminals

1 x pair battery terminal covers

Vendor: Rayne automotive
Type: Components