250A Battery Isolator Key/Switch Kit

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250A Battery kill switch/isolator switch kit

A great addition to a system, usually used to isolate either the entire battery, one or several loads to help with maintenance and as a quick way of turning everything off when leaving the van parked up.

There are several different locations to add the switch which will give different functionality.

Rated for 250A continuous load and peaks of up to 1000A. Ideal for most larger systems, except those with inverters over 2000W, then we would recommend a 550A isolator/battery switch.

2 x M10 terminal on the back for connecting.

Kit contents

1 x 250A Isolator switch

2 x M10 by 35mm2 ring terminals

2 x 30mm x 12mm heatshrink lengths

2 x terminal cap boot

Vendor: Rayne Automotive
Type: Components