300Ah Fogstar/Victron Energy Lithium Battery Camper Kit With 3000Va Inverter

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Premium spec Victron camper conversion kit based on a Fogstar Batteries Lithium battery for Induction cooking, electric ovens and prolonged-off grid stays.

A simple pre-made kit for an easy installation including all of the leads, cables and looms pre-made based on your chosen layout.

Go gas-free for cooking in your van with an off-grid electrical system based on a Fogstar lithium battery. Suitable for induction hobs up to 2900W.

  • A bespoke system made to fit into your conversion.
  • The lithium battery powers the inverter and the DC loads.
  • Suitable for short quick discharges such as induction hobs and low wattage kettles.
  • Charge the battery whilst driving from the alternator.
  • Smart battery monitoring gives you real-time information.
  • Optional mains and solar add ons.
  • 4096W/h of stored power in the battery.

Not quite what you're looking for? Don't worry, we can make these kits for different size batteries and inverters as well as lots of other customisations. Contact us to find out more.

Product description

Our Fogstar/Victron lithium camper conversion kits are designed and manufactured by our highly trained team with quality as the first focus. This system will cover the 12V side of a camper conversion with the batteries being charged whilst driving using the Orion DCDC charger (compatible with Euro 6 engines). The battery will then power your 12V items, lights, fridge etc and give you a 240V power supply through the inverter.

Victron Phoenix 3000Va (approx 2400W) Inverter will power loads of up to 3000Va continuously, or slightly higher for a short period, making it perfect for low powered induction cookers and kettles. We will supply it all programmed and ready to be installed.

Complete with an internal battery management system designed to protect the battery from under/overvoltage.

Intelligent power monitoring using the BMV-712 Smart battery monitor you can see the current charge/discharge rate, time left until full charge/discharge as well as monitor the battery percentage. Bluetooth via the Victron Connect app to see historical and live data.

All of the cabling, inverter leads, split charge leads etc. are made to the manufacturer's specifications, to the lengths to suit your layout (we'll need a layout form filled out for this, but we can go through it with you to help). The kit is also made to comply with the latest British Standard for motorhome wiring, (when installed correctly in accordance with the standard).

Bus bars and battery isolator switches make the installation and future maintenance neat, simple and straightforward.

Fully programmed. We will change the settings inside the inverter, DC-DC charger and other Victron items to make sure they all match the system requirements. We will also give the battery its first gentle charge to optimise the battery's life span. This means you won't have to change the settings after the first charge.

Optional extras

Mains hook up

You can add the optional mains upgrade which includes a UPS transfer switch, meaning that when you hook up, the mains will directly feed your 3-pin 240V sockets and also charge up the leisure battery using the multiplus's built-in charger.

If you select the mains upgrade, we will swap the Phoenix inverter out for a Victron Multiplus 3000 and add the relevant cabling and extra circuit breakers into the consumer unit. We will also provide this with a mains hook up inlet socket.

GX touch 50 display

Another optional add on would be the Cerbo GX and Touch 50 screen, which will give you the ability to remotely monitor and make changes to the system as well as see a great visual display of the power going into and out of your battery.

Solar power

Why not pair this with one of our solar panel kits to give you power when off-grid keeping you going for longer. We will give you the cables to the solar into the system.

Kit contents

  • 1 x 300Ah Fogstar batteries Lithium Battery
  • 1 x 30A Orion Smart DC-DC charging system
  • 3 x Mechanical battery isolator switch
  • 2 x Power distribution bus bars
  • 1 x 3000Va Victron Inverter
  • 1 x BMV-712 Battery monitor
  • 1 x 6 Switch control panel with custom-built wiring looms for the whole conversion.
  • 1 x 6-way fuse box
  • 1 x Mains consumer unit
  • 1 x C-line double socket
  • Custom built cables, leads and wiring looms for all of the above items.

Optional extra contents

Mains hook up

  • Phoenix inverter will be swapped for a Multiplus
  • 1 x Mains inlet socket
  • The mains consumer unit will be swapped for a larger unit to give adequate protection both before and after the Multiplus.

GX touch 50 and display

  • 1 x Cerbo GX device
  • Ve Direct cables
  • 1 x GX Touch 50 display screen
  • BMV712 monitor will be swapped for a Smartshunt 500A.