Winter Off-Grid Electrical 12V/240V Camper Conversion Kit

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Winter Off grid electrical 12V & 240V camper/race van conversion kit

One of our most popular combinations of the full electrical conversion system in an easy to configure package, for those taking a well-trodden path.

The winter off-grid package doesn't rely on solar panels as the output can be pretty low during the darker months where the sun is low. Instead, this gives you the freedom to camp off-grid by having two leisure batteries. You'll need to do a decent amount of driving or visit a campsite every now and then to top up the batteries, but a few days between charges on the average usage should be achievable.

A complete tailor-made electrical kit for your camper conversion

covers 2 charging methods the 12V alternator charging and a 240V hook up with battery charger.

· Includes; split charging system, mains hook up, control panel & wiring, leisure batteries, lighting, site lead and more...

· Easy install, with photographic fitting instructions

· 2 x Low height AGM battery

· All cables custom made to suit your specific conversion

· Expert technical support and after-sales care provided

· Includes both mains and split charging for the leisure batteries

· Access to our online help centre with articles and how-to's to make installation even easier, we even offer free tech support for most issues.

Although this is a pre-set kit, we will still tailor the cable lengths to suit your conversion. Please fill out a customer layout form to go with your order so we can make sure everything is just right for you. If you need any help, we can book a free sales consultation here.

Once we've got the layout form, we'll know what you'd like wired in and where and we will make your wiring kit to suit.

Complete with labels around the end of the wires for an easy install.

This standard kit is not suitable for vehicles fitted with variable voltage smart alternator charging systems. For vehicles with smart alternators select the Orion charger option above. Not sure if you need a smart alternator wiring kit. Check out our help centre here for a simple test.

The kit also benefits from our fitting manual which can be viewed online here.

Product description

Each kit is custom made to suit your individual conversion, we normally do this by looking at your customer layout form, but if you'd prefer to chat it through with us before purchasing, either give us a call or book a free sales consultation.

Please note: As we design the wiring looms, these looms will have ample cable to reach each component, allowing for sensible routing, we do take the shortest practical route. If you would like a specific cable routing, this is not a problem at all but please do specify when we discuss the layout.

Our comprehensive electrical conversion kit allows you to simply install both 12V and mains 240V systems into your campervan. We will supply all of the wiring, fusing, switching, charging, cabling you need to get powered up.

When parked up at a campsite, simply hook up your vehicle to the mains to use the 240V directly through the consumer unit and sockets. Meanwhile, the intelligent leisure battery charger will maintain your battery€™s charge.

Your leisure batteries will also be charged from the engine automatically whilst driving through the split charge system.

Component descriptions

Mains consumer unit

These enclosures are a high-quality versatile unit with an RCD and 2 double pole MCBs (6A & 16A) that is perfect for motorhomes and camper vans. Just tell us where you want your inlet and output sockets and we will wire the consumer unit up so you don't have to.

Intelligent battery charger

Ideal for battery maintenance, suitable for continuous use, will charge up to 20A when required. 7 Stage charging with profiles for AGM, wet or GEL leisure batteries.

Recessed LED downlights

In this kit, you will receive 4 high output LEDs, each unit contains 18 LEDs and is just 11mm deep meaning they will fit flush into the headlining. These lights also come with a complete wiring loom from the switch panel to each light and offer a simple plug and play option.

Leisure batteries

In this kit, we supply 2 x 95ah low height AGM leisure battery. Its dimensions are L354mm x W175mm x H190mm. The battery also comes with a 3-year warranty for your peace of mind.

Voltage sensing split charge relay

The classic reliable split charge relay we've been using throughout our time making campervan wiring systems. It will come prewired and it's very easy to install with just 3 wires to connect. Here's some more information on the relay. VSR FAQs.

Kit contents

  • 100A voltage sensing split charge system made to fit any battery location (Orion DC-DC charger upgrade available)
  • Leisure battery negative-chassis lead
  • 6-way or 10-way pre-wired leisure battery fuse box
  • 4 x LED downlights
  • 2 x 95ah Low height AGM leisure battery (complete with a 3-year warranty)
  • Leisure battery linking wires (45cm)
  • 10M electrical hook up site lead in 2.5mm2 cable
  • Fully automatic 20A Intelligent mains leisure battery charger
  • Mains consumer unit (pre-wired with cables to fit your socket locations)
  • Your choice of inlet socket (Inline, surface mount, flush-mounted)
  • 1 x switched white single-socket & back box (for use with the mains battery charger)
  • 2 x switched double socket & back box (available in your choice of; brushed silver, white, C-line motorhome style or black nickel double sockets)
  • Blue 2.5mm2 3 core arctic mains flex
  • Mains bonding cable
  • 6 switch panel, gloss black, with a built-in voltmeter, dual USB and 12V socket

Custom-built wiring looms for;

  • Fridge
  • Sink and stove
  • Roof/mood lighting
  • 12V TV
  • Radio, etc

Lead time

As a bespoke product that is made to order, there is a lead time for this kit, it is currently 2/3 weeks.

Product reference: (this is a pack product containing products 1001, 1002 and "add-ons" of the leisure batteries, downlights, battery linking wires and hookup lead).