Full Electrical Camper Conversion Mains 240V 8A 2-way Wiring Kit

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Full electrical camper conversion core wiring kit 12V

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To order one of our full wiring kits, please fill out a customer layout form and share it with us for a bespoke quote

When you first choose to build a campervan it can be overwhelming trying to sort through all of the different ways of doing each part. Often people will reach the electrics and decide that trying to work out what you need, what thickness wires, how many fuse boxes what type of split charger etc. isn't for them. That's why we came up with our full electrical camper conversion kits. We've taken care of all of the boring bits, allowing you to get on with the exciting part of installing the wiring and finishing your van.

Just tell us what you'd like wired in and where and we will make your wiring kit to suit.
Complete with labels around the end of the wires for an easy install.

The kit also benefits from our fitting manual which can be viewed online here.

A complete, expandable tailor-made electrical kit for your camper van. This system covers the mains hook up (240V) side of things. In the recommended products section below, there is are products for the 12V, inverters, and solar, these will all be integrated and we'll make sure they're compatible before we finish your order. Check out the how-to guide to decide what you might need.

Product description

Each kit is custom made to suit your individual conversion how we normally do this is by one of our layout forms. We have a blank one that you can fill out with your needs or we have some sample ones for more popular layouts. Either open the blank one fill it out and attach it to your order, or indicate the code for your sample layout. If you're unsure of what you need or where you'd like it to go. One of our team can give you a call, offer advice and run through the layout on the phone. Book a free consultation.

Please be sure to leave an email address and a contact number when ordering in case we need to discuss your layout with you.

Please note: if you are also purchasing the core 12V wiring kit, you can fill out just one 12 & 240V layout form and this will be fine for both kits.

This system is made in our workshop in accordance with the latest IET regulations and British Standards.

Cable routing. As we design the wiring looms, these looms will have ample cable to reach each component, allowing for sensible routing, we do take the shortest practical route, which we usually define as around the perimeter of the van at floor level and then up to components, with the exception of light looms which run up into the roof from the switch and then around the roof. If you have a specific cable routing in mind, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate this.

We won't plan to run cables under the floor, as we know this is often the first part you will do in the camper and don't want to be held up waiting for wiring to go under the floor.

With this kit, we aim to supply all of the wiring, fusing, switching and charging you need to put a 240V system into your campervan. All you will need to add is the mains hook up lead. The only specialist tools we recommend you get are a socket tester, and cable fixings (cable ties, adhesive cable tie bases, "P" clips etc). Once installed, you should have it checked and tested by a competent person. This should include polarity testing and a timed RCD test.

When you plug into the mains 240V or "hook up" your leisure battery will be charged automatically from the mains battery charger. Once it's first set up, you won't need to touch it again it will remember its' setting and charge when plugged. When the battery is full, it will go into float mode.

Component descriptions

All of these components can be swapped out using the menus above in one of four categories.

Mains consumer unit

A 2-way double pole consumer unit with a 40A 30ma RCD combined in series with 6A and 16A double pole MCBs. Overall dimensions are 170mm x 150mm x 90mm (W x L x H)

Outlet Sockets & number of sockets

Available in a choice of finishes and you can add up to 4 double sockets in this kit. As you add more sockets, we also account for the additional cable you will need to run between them.

All of the outlet sockets come in a double, with 2 x standard 3 pin UK plug outlets.

They are all provided with a back box too, the back boxes mount in behind the sockets to make sure the terminals aren't exposed.

Inlet socket

Covered surface mounted inlet socket. This is the best socket for mounting under the bonnet or beneath the rear bumper. It has two mounting screws on the base and takes a standard 3 pin round blue hook up lead. It is wired from the back of the pins, using screw clamp type fastenings.

Flush mounted inlet socket. This uses the same 3 pin round blue hook up lead to connect between the site post and your camper. It's designed to be mounted through the side of the van by cutting a hole. Supplied with a backing gasket (we use this as a template for cutting the hole). It has 4 screw holes, one in each corner to compliment the recommended fixing/sealing methods. Available in white or black.

Battery charger

8A mains to leisure battery charger. This is a 7 stage smart charging unit that is capable of charging and maintaining leisure battery banks of up to 160Ah. (approx). Complete with separate charging modes for wet, gel and AGM batteries.

The unit has holes mounting. Solid-state without a cooling fan to ensure a quiet night's sleep even when hooked up.

This is a fit and forget unit meaning that once you've programmed the settings, you shouldn't need to touch it again under normal circumstances.

20A mains to leisure battery charger. This unit is a 7 stage smart charging unit that is capable of charging and maintaining leisure battery banks between 160Ah and 400Ah.

This is a fit and forget unit.

For help deciding on which battery charger you need, Help sizing battery chargers.

Gas bonding kit

If you're having fixed metal gas pipes in your conversion, you will need to have these bonded for safety, select the kit and we'll give you a clamp and cable to bond them.

Kit contents

  • Mains consumer unit (pre-wired).
  • Mains 2.5mm2 arctic flex cable (already wired into the consumer unit).
  • 4mm2 bonding wire (already wired into the consumer unit).
  • Mains inlet socket, either covered surface mount or flush mounted(selectable in the drop-down menu's above).
  • Either 1, 2, 3 or 4 double 240V sockets in a colour of your choice.
  • Single mains socket in white (for the battery charger to plug into).
  • Mains to leisure battery charger, either 8A or 20A. Which charger is for me?